Luv - the first human incarnation of the legendary being MaskLuv - was found and raised in suburban Maryland. Unaware of his power and purpose he lived a simple life there until the fateful day he found a glowing blue flower blooming in a spot of soil said to have been where Frank Ocean once shed four tears. After smoking the flower, he was shown his true self; he has devoted the rest of his life to harnessing his capacity for limitless love and using it to heal this sick world. And make some dope shit while doing so. <3



(Kay-Night) Knitee, say it right!
A Filmmaker, Musician, suspicious Motivational Speaker, and insensitive savior was born in the city of New Brunswick, NJ. Knitee is a believer in the impossible. He is a storyteller and stylistic cinematographer directing a film for the screen to be seen by DREAMERS. Life’s a Movie, but much like many successful fairytale films there needs to be a notion of belief. Without belief in the production Knitee’s film isn’t possible.

“It takes 1 to see. 24 to be recognized…”



Producer yyyordan (aka Jordan Levy) prefers to be seen as a storyteller. Whether through dusty samples and loops, forward-thinking production, or on the drums, there’s always a narrative. Any aspect of life is a potential tale for yyyordan to tell, so put on your best headphones and close your eyes.



Marcel the Alpha is a title symbolic of his duality. As an animator Marcel is soft spoken, withdrawn in his mind-workshop imagining the next creation he’ll sketch and/or 3D model. As a lyricist Alpha simply speaks his mind in rhyme, acting as the prism that shows people the light of their true colors. Behind the barricades you’ll find a sleeping soul seeking to bring his dreams to reality.


Nathan Ross

A DJ, photographer, visual artist, thinker, and Production specialist born and raised in Maryland. He is always in search of truth, love, and reason while avoiding the imminent wackness of the world. 




Graphic designer Tanner 'Tantastic' Richardett is an Illustrator Innovator, principal of the Pen Tool School, the Photoshop Bishop. He's taking designs even higher than the Float Balloon himself. Tell him you're looking for a design, and he'll give you a masterpiece faster than you can say "So I was thinking..." You don't have to tell him; he already knows what you've got in mind.